ENTRI is a non-profit organisation established in 2012, which aims to promote entrepreneurship ensuring continuous and sustainable economic, social, civic and digital development of society.  

Through projects, ENTRI implements and supports the most vulnerable groups in society, such as: young people, women, the elderly, migrants or people with disabilities. ENTRI aims to increase the socio-economic, digital, civic inclusion of these groups through education, mobility activities, innovation promotion and mentoring.  

The organization attaches great importance to mentoring each individual in the process of personal development and learning. During its period of operation, ENTRI has set up a network of volunteer mentors, bringing together professional from different fields from the business and education sector who are involved in the activities of the organisation. In this network, lithuanian entrepreneurs, reprenners, specialists in different fields, teachers or representatives of Lithuanian universities, vocational schools, with unique experience and knowledge, and thus creating exceptional added value for activities carried out. In addition, the contacts available to the organisation ensure greater achievement of the project target group and facilitate their involvement in project activities.  

The activities implemented by other organisations may also include the initiation and preparation of projects, the conduct of research, the development and implementation of informal training (physical and remote) content, methodologies, the development of educational platforms, the organisation and implementation of publicity activities, including the organisation of conferences, forums and other dissemination events. ENTRI implements projects under international (Erasmus+, Interreg, Europe for Citizens) and national programmes. As part of its international projects, ENTRI has established contacts with organisations with a similar profile across Europe. The closest partnerships have been established with organisations from Latvia, Poland, Belarus, Greece, Cyprus, czech republic, Portugal, United Kingdom, Montenegro, Serbia, Italy, Belgium, Azerbaijan.